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A Note on Women's movement for development in M.P.

'Disha' like German world - 'Kitch' is unexpressible in any other language. In English language 'Direction' or 'Path' are used for the Hindi word - Disha but these words carry a limited meaning without the touch of eternity while 'Disha' is an eternal concept of ongoing progress for man on right path and in right direction. 'Disha' is an astronomical concept of unending row of twinkling goals inviting people to make efforts to achieve them one after one on a definite path and in a definite direction.

Women, in this poor state where over 40 percent of people dwell below poverty line (mostly from tribal and backward communities) are also waiting for a'Disha'to emerge as a dynamic force of'development. Development for
 their families, community, society as a whole and their country.

Intact, a full scale women movement in the State can only serve the purpose as the women in M.P. lack almost in every field - Education, employment, nutrition. representation and active participation. They are miles away as compared to the men and their inactiveness and social serfdom due to their economic dependence on men. Their respect and social status have also been marred.
Leaving almost half the population inactive, suppressed and confined to house-holds. how can a society or a State think of its allround progress. Hence a state-wide movement is utmost needed to bring women at par with men at least in four fields- education for making them aware of their rights and duties employment for making them economical  independent: health consciousness for making them healthy mothers and awareness of their self respect for helping them to restore their esteemed status in Indian society in true sense.

'Disha' would be a women-movement for their upliftment, for bringing awareness among them, for aquainting them with the existing avenues of progress and creating more avenues of progress for them. Besides it would help women to an extent that they would be able to achieve what they deserve for. This is why meaningfully 'Disha' should come into existence with a view to launch its constructive activities all Z7 over the State under guidance of an apex body taking all care of its probable resources and its proper shoot-out.


Noteworthy statistics about women in State

Population of Adult women Approx  2.50 Crore
Tribals Approx 0.801,
Scheduled Castes Approx 0.60 "
Backward Classes Approx 0.101,
Economically backward Approx 0.20 "
Jobless women of these Sections Approx 1.25 "
Uneducated women Approx 1.50 "
Atrocities on women                  Over 15 thousand cases every year (these are the cases which have been reported to the police).
Women prey of malnutrition   Over 30 Lakh
A happy fact about women  

Not even 5 women in the State were found indulged in communal riots during last 3 decades.