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Objectives of Mahashakti
  1. Bringing awareness among women through literacy programer.
  2. Securing women for their cause against atrocities committed against them by any member of their families, communities or Government officials.
  3. Self employment Schemes with the Government help or with the help of autonomous bodies and big private institutions like Khadi board etc.
  4. Helping women in achieving economic independence through cottage industries according to the raw material and the market available near their respective areas.
  5. Carrying a nutrition programme with its own resources and with the government resources.
  6. Preparing women to active the ability for their representation in various fields - society, assembly, parliament and various other important institutions. Dishy would also work for them in the direction.
  7. Imparting technical knowledge through various technical training programmes with a view to providing them employment at their homes or nearby industries.
  8. Arranging cultural programmes for women with their help in a way that would expose importance of women and also make them aware of their cultural heritage. Besides women talents in various performing arts would also be given exposure.
  9. Seminars and lectures of different women dignitaries would be organised to apprise women of their rights and duties and also the guidance for progress.
  10. 'Disha' would also work for the reservation of women in educational institutions, Government jobs, State Assembly and Parliament.
  11. Bringing awareness for communal harmony and preparing them to fight communal designs in the society.
  12. Training about child care/proper nutrition.
  13. Bringing out a fortnightly publication for women.
  14. Organising women squad in every village, townships and slums.
  15. Helping them to obtain finances from the financial institution under self employment schemes.