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Block Printing

HAND BLOCK PRINTING is among important crafts of India but Mahashakti have given it a new dimension by evolving on evanescent technique brought by Mughals hundreds of years back from middle-East to India, which was known as ALAJ ARINE

Women from the grief stricken localities of Bhopal, which had witnessed the worlds greatest Industrial disaster more than a decade ago because of savage use of poisonous chemicals, have tried to give a creative expression to their pain and rejuvenated the old Mugal technique of block printing through natural colours evolved from earthen elements like mud, oil, herbs, metals and salts and also developed it in Indian conditions to give hand-woven cloth an additional luster through traditionally rich designs and stylized motifs on unique patterns. The distinctive styles developed by Mahashakti women are of course a new mixture of cultural influence, traditional art and prolific creative minds.

Though the world's leading powers have been showing their anxiety over use of Chemicals, women of Mahashakti have nursed a sort of hatred for the use of Chemicals, That is why they went on to make an endless efforts to develop the old ALAJARINE technique in Indian conditions with lot of changes, Their effort assumed the shape of Heritage India- a hand block printing technique with the dyes formed from the five elements hidden in earth.

Indian sages has envisaged the theory of five elements of Man - Panchtava: FIRE, ETHER, WATER, AIR and EARTH. Mahashakti women inspired by Indian sages used Five earthen elements; ,OIL, MUD, METALS, HERBS and SALTS, to form totally chemical free natural dyes with an eye cooling effect and which are also cost-effective providing jobs to hundreds of poor Indian women.

Heritage India Dyes are totally different from vegetable dyes used by Chheepa community in BAGH Region in DHAR District Of Madhya Pradesh, Algerien dyes consist of Salts and Metals, besides printing with these dyes is not only cost effective, but its colour effect also has mystic shades which are not easily faded, and most important feature, the dyes are skin friendly.