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Mahashakti Seva Kendra was officially registered in the year 1992. It shapened to emerge as 'an all women' organization, operating in the field of economic and social upliftment of women in Bhopal. Mahashakti Seva Kendra {MSK} is a secular organization, recognized by the State government, registered in the Firms & Societies Act, having its own four worksheds at Dwarka Nagar near the railway station, at one of the most gas affected areas in Bhopal. Currently, MSK caters to the need of 500 women in these worksheds allotted to this organization by the State government. Block printing, kalamkari, tailoring, embroidery and zardosi are the main trades. The central government : Human Resource Development {HRD} has given us the project and all the needful assistance.

The Traditional Textiles of India According to George Birdwood, India "was probably the first of all countries that perfected weaving and the art of its gold brocade and filmsy muslin", how could competitors ever hope to catch up with a country that was thousands of years ahead of them in this art? Even as early as 327 B.C. Alexander's soldiers, carried away with them, as priceless treasures, pieces of silk, brocades and, Muslins. Another characteristic of traditional Indian textiles common to all artistic creation of human hands is that, each piece bears the stamp of the individuality of the craftsmen who produced it, thus, it has a human interest of its own.

Women from the grief stricken localities of Bhopal, which had witnessed the worlds greatest Industrial disaster more than a decade ago because of savage use of poisonous chemicals, have tried to give a creative expression to their pain and rejuvenated the old Mugal technique of block printing through natural colours evolved from earthen elements like mud, oil, herbs, metals and salts and also developed it in Indian conditions to give hand-woven cloth an additional luster through traditionally rich designs and stylized motifs on unique patterns. The distinctive styles developed by Mahashakti women are of course a new mixture of cultural influence, traditional art and prolific creative minds.

Hand block-printing is among important crafts of India but Mahashakti have given it a new dimension by evolving on evanescent technique brought by Mughals hundreds of years back from middle-East to India, which was known as ALAJARINE

Though the world's leading powers have been showing their anxiety over use of Chemicals, women of Mahashakti have nursed a sort of hatred for the use of Chemicals, That is why they went on to make an endless efforts to develop the old ALAJARINE technique in Indian conditions with lot of changes, Their effort assumed the shape of Heritage India- a hand block printing technique with the dyes formed from the five elements hidden in earth.

Indian sages has envisaged the theory of five elements of Man - Panchtava: FIRE, ETHER, WATER, AIR and EARTH. Mahashakti women inspired by Indian sages used Five earthen elements; ,OIL, MUD, METALS, HERBS and SALTS, to form totally chemical free natural dyes with an eye cooling effect and which are also cost-effective providing jobs to hundreds of poor Indian women.

Intends to bring Heritage India a revolution in hand block printing and invites the buyers with distinct attitudes and ecological moods, to come forward to help, this poor organization.

Bhopal once famous for Zardosi (Hand Embriodery with Gold and Silver threads), now the same craft is becoming a dying art, It was the Mogul Emperors who patronize this intricate style of embroidery, it was done in pure gold and silver thread, with semiprecious stones on it, the cloth was often brocade and tissue. It matched with their royal taste, later it was adopted by the princely rulers of the country, the foreigners who came to India always took back these priceless pieces, The brides of India wear these glittering garments, the purses of Bhopal till today are very popular, infact at one time Bhopal was known for its Zardosi.

The credit goes to the Muslim women who are keeping this craft alive, in spite of their deplorable unhygienic surroundings in which they are forced to work 18 hours a day, cooped up in dark suffocating rooms, completely depended on the middle man for business. Its pathetic to see these women suffering with tuberculoses and eye problems, plus most of them suffers from the poisonous Gas. The Gas affected women of Bhopal, are struggling to keep body and soul intact. Due to strict parda they cannot come out of their houses to earn their living,

In this position the role of Mahashakti become very important, since its all women organization" our work sheds have becomes a facility centers to help with raw material, designs by famous designers of metropolitan cities of Delhi and Mumbai. plus a secure, clean, isolated work place to work in, and a good marketing center. All this under,one roof. 

Mahashakti caters for 500 women in 3 work sheds allotted to the organization by the State Government, in the Gas affected area. BLOCK printing and Zardosi, are the main trades, The Central Government Human Resource Development has given us the project and all the assistance, We are thankful to Shri Arjun Singhji the HRD Minister.

A special thanks to Shri Ajay Singh our young MLA, who has been our real friend, and a great supporter of our organization. Without him we could not have survived.

We need medical aid and projects for economic rehabilitation, Of women living below poverty line. And Gas