Literacy Program

More than 20 villages in the district of Jhabua are concentrated to impart rudimentary literacy. In each of the villages, adult men and women are trained to mould them as leaders, to make themselves head their village groups. The prescribed course under the aegis of Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua, is taught through basic means and support on a regular basis. Amongst all these, the Charwaha schools, comprising of nomads and shepherds are interesting to note. These schools are mostly found in the hamlets of Thandla, and Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua, has envisaged to keep them alive. About 2500 charwahas form such interesting schools. While one shepherd would look after the tattles and cows, others would take the learning. Such wonderful schools cannot be a [towed to just dissolve. The Rajiv GandhiCharwahaSc hoot is forth e nomads of Gujarat Rajasthan and for district Thandla in Madhya Pradesh. This indeed, is an awesome project!

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