JSS Jhabua
 It all began when the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, offered the invaluable project : Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua to a registered, renowned, age o l d , a l l - women NGO: Mahashakti Seva Kendra based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 
Jan Shikshan Sansthan emerged in this part of the country to cater to the needs of the overall upliftment and social development in the district of Jhabua, M.P., where the larger group of the inhabitants is tribal. The chairperson, Mrs. Indira Iyengar with her excellent team and partners have taken up the challenge to uplift these nomads and tribal to the light of literacy, the sense of social awareness, the height of understanding health issues and offer them volumes of vocational training. 

     The objective of JSS, Jhabua is to provide occupation skills and technical knowledge to the neo-literates of the region with special focus on socio-economically backward and educationally disadvantaged group such as men, women, youths, slum dwellers, migrant etc.

     JSS Jhabua is contributing to the continuing education program also with a new look of developing a learning society. JSS is playing major role of district resource center in facilitating, planning, implementation & monitoring of literacy program together with continuing educating program of Jhabua district.

     JSS Jhabua is committed to play an effective role in sustainable development of the Jhabua District. We are convinced that one day, these tribal denizens would go ahead in striding steps to the social frontiers, well-equipped and learned to hold the reigns of this nation in the economical, social and political realms. It would not be a surprise when some of our tribal brethrens would be the voices and pillars in the parliamentary spheres and rise up to be the movers and shakers of our beloved nation !

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