Literacy program
     More than 20 villages in the district of Jhabua are concentrated to impart rudimentary literacy. In each of the villages, adult men and women are trained to mould them as leaders, to make themselves head their village groups. The prescribed course under the aegis of Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua, is taught through basic means and support on a regular basis. Amongst all these, the Charwaha schools, comprising of nomads and shepherds are interesting to note. These schools are mostly found in the hamlets of Thandla, and Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua, has envisaged to keep them a l i ve . About 2500 charwahas form such interesting schools. While one shepherd would look after the cattles and cows, others would take the learning. Such wonderful schools cannot be allowed to just dissolve. The Rajiv Gandhi Charwaha School is for the nomads of Gujarat, Rajasthan and for district Thandla in Madhya Pradesh. This indeed, is an awesome project !

Vocational training
     Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua, aims to impart vocational training on several issues: starting from mechanical tool handling to poultry farming to agricultural science. Candidates selected are usually in the age group of 15 to 35 years. Several Self-Help Groups are formed and relevant training are offered to make them independent and confident. Amongst the three predominant tribal groups, Bhils form the most conspicuous group and they are infamous of their criminal records. Hence, Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua, is all out to abate the crime rates of this region by imparting a plethora of vocational training. And it is interesting to note that in the arena of poultry farming, a special of fowl is nurtured. They are called Karaknath. They are very expensive of their kind and are mostly exported. This trade is also very lucrative in these tribal regions. Endeavors are made to keep such trades alive. Many tribal inhabitants are now learning the art of mechanical works viz. vehicle repairing, et al. The tribal would know their trades one day and learn the serious business of being self-dependent.


Health & Social Awareness
     Jhabua is a backward, tribal district with only about 33% of literacy and the villages of this vast arid region are widely scattered. Every year around 50,000 denizens drift away to the adjacent states in search and hope of acquiring jobs. Many adolescent girls are also included in such endeavor. Usually, after a hiatus, these adolescent girls and the young women, come back to their home soil with several diseases. Some with early pregnancy and many with the tragic disease of HIV-AIDS ! Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua, has recently taken up the challenge of salvaging such marginalised groups of women. Serious health and social issues were taken up in seminars, where at least 20 villages participated. Adult education was offered, along with integral matters on health and hygiene, especially to the afflicted adolescent girls. Around 20 village women were trained in this seminar to work as heads of their hamlets, bringing forth several important health and social awareness issues, amidst these adolescent and youth female groups. Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Jhabua, is striving hard to curb such menaces.

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