Women Empowerment


JSS Jhabua has been instrumental in bringing out integrated projects for development and empowerment of women.
To reach our goals of empowering the women of Jhabua District we have come out with various programs like,
**Establishment of self-reliant women's Self help Groups (SHGs)
**Creation of confidence and awareness among members of SHGs
**Strengthening and institionalizing the savings habit in rural women and their control over economic resources.
**Improving access of women to micro credit
**Involvement of women in local level planning and Convergence of services of DWCD and other Departments
**Formation of Self-Reliant women groups (SHGs) at Cluster and block levels. 
**Providing needed inputs like savings, access to credit, skill development and micro-enterprise development to improve thelivelihood. 
**Addressing problems like alcoholism, atrocities, social evils, drudgery, health etc. 
**Awareness generation regarding legal rights, laws confidence building, functional literacy and delivery of services. 

International Women's Day
celebrated by JSS, Jhabua at Thandla

JSS, Jhabua Team
Surveying the villages near Jhabua
Mahashakti Home