Future Plans
     Amidst the long range of serene mountain terrain and deep dense forest, the tribal colors are conspicuous. We have a clear vision mission, to revive the rich heritage that is interwoven in the tribal cultures and tradition of the Jhabua district, in Madhya Pradesh. There exists a huge range of color giving trees, plants and shrubs. The government on one hand is encouraging on extracts and scientific procedures for herbal plants, and neglecting on the plants that can give colors for natural dyes, on the other hand. Volumes speak on natural dyes that were used in the past for block printing on various fabrics and clothes. Today, this art is at a low ebb, and is almost dying. 

     We have the clear dream to revive this art of using natural dyes with varied colors and thereby unveil a full fledged R&D section to pursue all scientific research on this integral issue. A drive against deforestation should be taken up and pave channels for such kind of livelihood for our tribal denizens in these regions. In fact, color giving plants have been there in Jhabua since ages. 

     We can thereby cease migration of 50,000 villagers every year, if we can promote livelihood in Jhabua region. We aim, indeed, to go back to the forests, back to the villages; and back to the rich heritage, culture and traditions of the tribal ! And no dream is too big !

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